**Stow Healthcare is Open to New Admissions**

Stow Healthcare understands the role it has to play in the current Coronavirus pandemic. We are open to admissions across all of our homes to support frail and vulnerable people who need nursing or residential care, whether coming from their own home or a hospital setting.

You will appreciate the need for us to take some extra precautions at this time, these may include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Asking additional questions when completing pre-admission assessments to ensure that prospective residents are not likely to bring the infection into our homes
  2. Sharing photographs of available rooms, as we cannot conduct full tours of homes at the current time due to infection control measures
  3. Requesting new residents to remain in their rooms for at least 14 days after arriving in our home, to ensure that they can be more closely monitored for symptoms of Coronavirus
  4. Undertaking twice daily monitoring of temperatures, and other indicators of your health, for the first two weeks in our home

Please note that visiting is not currently permitted, apart from in very limited circumstances, but we are doing all that we can to help friends and family stay in touch.

Please bear with us during these difficult times, to help us protect those who live and work in our homes.

Thank you.

Stow Healthcare

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