Awards Success for Stow’s Homes

Stow Healthcare’s award success continued in March at the Great British Care Awards with three finalists from across the company after they won their categories at the regional finals in November. Ford Place’s Denise Phipps was a finalist in the End of Life/ Palliative Care category as was Grace Watson of Melford Court in the Best Carer category. The evening concluded with celebrations as Ford Place’s Deputy Manager, Silvia Nunes, was crowned the Best Nurse in Great Britain as she won ‘The Good Nurse’ Award. This is a tremendous accolade for Silvia and the nursing team at Ford Place who are working at the forefront, leading the way for best practice and new innovations within the industry. News of Silvia’s success has reached her home country of Portugal with Ford Place featuring in a number of Portuguese national media and even a message from the Portuguese President!

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