Ducks make Egg-cellent Friends

Gwen Dodds, one of our residents, feeds the birds and ducks every day; a few weeks ago when out feeding the birds she found an abandoned duck egg. Worried about the egg, Gwen bought it into the home and spoke to carer Helen about what could be done to try and save the baby duck. Helen keeps chickens, and took the egg home to Peggy and Martha, her two fluffy Bantam hens who looked after the egg and kept it safe and warm.

A week later Helen was in the garden when she heard a little chirp and to her surprise she went over to the chicken coop where she was greeted by Peggy, Martha and a tiny little duckling. Helen couldn’t wait to take some photos to show Gwen. Gwen was overjoyed when she heard the news and was extremely proud. Gwen is enjoying catching up with Helen and keeping abreast of progress. She’s keeping an eye out for other finds in the garden!

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