Nutrition and Hydration Week

Stowlangtoft Hall took part in the nutrition and hydration awareness week to promote and reinforce the importance of nutrition and hydration to residents in social care. Residents enjoyed a number of engaging food based activities throughout the week including a smoothie making afternoon with in house nutritionist Sarah Everitt. Sarah and the activities team prepared nutritious recipes for smoothies and mocktails containing super fruits and juices. The residents had a wonderful afternoon trying fruits that they may not have necessarily tried before as well as learning about their health benefits.
As part of nutrition and hydration week we were also visited by local award winning beekeeper John Kemp who came to talk to us about the process of beekeeping. He bought in a number of equipment items used to make honey as lots of pictures of the process. The residents were given had a large variety of honey to taste from, including local rape, juniper, wildflower, lime, ivy, manuka and many more.

A final activity of the week was a bread making afternoon incorporated with reminiscence to help with manual dexterity as well as mental stimulation. Residents shared stories of baking in their younger days whilst making rolls to go up on the evening supper trolley. It proved a real success and an activity that the residents enjoyed. This baking for purpose and pleasure is now something that we are hoping to incorporate more of into our weekly activities schedule.

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