Preparing for your new home

As with any house move, it’s important to let family, friends and providers know that your loved one has moved, and give them their new address.

We want your loved one to feel as at home as possible in their new surroundings, which is why we recommend they bring personal items such as ornaments, pictures or books to decorate their room. They may also want to bring:


Space permitting, they are welcome to bring small items of their own furniture with them. Have a chat with the care home manager before they move in to check if it will fit first. The best cabinets and furniture for your new home can be found in many of the online sites – read more about it here


Each of our care homes has a laundry service. We wash clothes at a minimum temperature of 40°C. We know that some delicate items may have special washing instructions so we would suggest family and friends help by washing these, or taking them to the dry cleaners. Some of our homes also have laundry facilities which residents are welcome to use themselves.

Electrical appliances

We welcome residents to bring their own TV (and TV license) for their room and other electrical appliances too. For their own safety we will make sure these items are fully tested (for free). All of our rooms are heated so there’s no need to worry about bringing electrical fires or fan heaters.

Mobility aids

If a resident has their own wheelchair we’re happy for them to bring it with them. Some Primary Care Trusts  and companies like Keep Moving Care supply wheelchairs to residents who need them. Mobile scooters aren’t practical to use inside our care homes but your loved one can use them to enjoy the grounds. Speak to the care home manager about storing scooters.


Some of our care homes allow small pets. Check with the home’s manager if your loved one would like to bring their pet with them when they move in. A number of our homes also welcome in small animals as part of ‘Pets as Therapy’ activities.

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